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We are thrilled to get two great reviews from the Northern California press in conjunction with OUT LOUD screening at this year’s SF Docfest.

The Mercury News had this to say:  “Director Gail Willumsen tagged along with the groundbreaking Trans Chorus of Los Angeles for about a year, capturing everything from tryouts to rehearsals to the transgender choir’s 2016 debut performance.  It was time well spent.  “Loud” wraps up into the lives of these evolving singers and culminates with the performance of their first concert, guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye.”

The Bay Area Reporter’s coverage included this:  “The best parts of Out Loud are the personal stories such as recovering from reconstruction surgery, overcoming discrimination at work, or dealing with abuse at home or in their personal lives.  Some of the music was composed by trans woman member Jordan Balagot and one of the documentary highlights is TCLA singing her original composition “Genderfreak.” It all leads to an inspiring, thrilling conclusion, not to be missed.”

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