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For the past two decades, the Woodstock Museum Film Festival in upstate New York (yes, near the site of that 1969 rock festival) has been held over Memorial Day weekend.  Each year the festival has a theme and  a slate of independent films is chosen accordingly.  This year’s theme is “IMPACT” and we’re delighted and honored that festival officials chose OUT LOUD as an official selection.  The pandemic has made indoor screenings impossible but the festival will go on, a month later than planned, in two alternate venues.  Films will be projected at a local drive-in on Oct. 12, 13, 14.  (OUT LOUD is slated on the 12th at 10 pm.)  Then, on the following three Friday’s, Oct. 16, 23, 30, all the films will be screened on Woodstock Access TV in Woodstock, NY.  For further details:

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