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RX AT DAVOS – January 25, 2006

It’s the last week of January and, as they do every year, more than 2,300 executives and politicians are descending on snow-bound Davos, in the Swiss Alps, for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). To spread the word about global health, Vulcan Productions has arranged to distribute several thousand DVD copies of RX FOR SURVIVAL to forum attendees. Let’s hope they all watch and take notes. (The RX series was a co-production of the WGBH/NOVA Science Unit and Vulcan Productions Inc.)


At long last! A year and a half after we finished this film, it finally had its broadcast premiere on NOVA on PBS on Jan. 3. The New York Times published a nice review (“A Leader as Notable in Death as He Was Powerful in Life”) by Ned Martel, who wrote: “The “Nova” treatment never seems as macabre or indiscreet as that mystifyingly popular “Bodies” exhibition of posed human specimens. And the producers know just how to pretty up the arcana. As the narrator reads from ancient Egyptian forecasts of what the afterlife would look like, the pharaoh’s actual travels seem fitting for a great leader, whose adventures in death have been nearly as interesting as his conquests in life.” Check out the WGBH/NOVA website for the show for further details on how the ancient Egyptians prepared a body for mummification. (Yes, they pulled the brain out through the nose.)


Black Sky: The Race for Space has been shortlisted for for the New York Festivals 2006 Television Programming & Promotions Awards in the category of Television Documentary and Information Programs / Science and Technology. Medals will be handed out on stage at a black-tie gala event in New York City on 1/27/06. Fingers crossed.

RX FOR SURVIVAL EVENTS – November 1-7, 2005

The six episodes of RX FOR SURVIVAL (including our episode, DELIVERING THE GOODS) had their broadcast premiere on PBS on the evenings of Nov. 1-3. /// The shows were also featured at the TIME Global Health Summit in New York City (held on Nov. 1-3.) Supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the TIME Summit convened leaders in medicine, government, business, public policy and the arts to develop solutions to the global health crisis. Speakers included Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Paul Farmer, Madeleine Albright, Julie Gerberding and Bono. /// And finally: TIME magazine in its Nov. 7 issue published a special section of articles on global health, including profiles of international health heroes, among them Barry and Andrea Coleman, founders of Riders for Health, who were featured in DELIVERING THE GOODS. Ride on!

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