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International Festival of Archaeological Films has selected MUMMY for competition- Nov. 23-25, 2007

THE MUMMY WHO WOULD BE KING will compete for one of six prizes at the 7th International Festival of Archaeological Films, to be held in Brussels, Belgium Nov. 23-25, 2007. The mission of the festival is to promote and popularize archaeology; prizes are awarded by a jury of experts, and by the audience.

MUMMY wins EMMY! – September 24, 2007

Actually, Gail won the Emmy for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Writing” for THE MUMMY WHO WOULD BE KING. She didn’t make it to the awards ceremony, but if she had, here’s what she might have said: “Everyone’s familiar with the so-called curse of the mummy, but in fact many ancient Egyptian tombs include an inscription that promises a blessing to anyone, still living, who continues to speak the name of the deceased and to remember his good deeds. I’d like to think that this Emmy is a blessing from Ramesses I –wherever he is!”

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