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Gemini Does Stonehenge

Gail, Jill and archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson.

Over the summer, we took on an exciting assignment from NOVA WGBH: to produce a one-hour special on Stonehenge. Yes, there’s been a flurry of news reports lately on the renowned megalithic monument, and a wide range of opinions about the ancient stones. Our aim is to look beyond some of the more para-believable theories, and to get at the science of Stonehenge. We spent nearly a month chronicling excavations conducted by the Stonehenge Riverside Project in and around the monument. Led by director Mike Parker Pearson, of Sheffield University, over 150 archaeologists and other researchers plumbed the depths of nearly 20 trenches in one of the largest archaeological projects in the world. We’ll go back to film in 2009, once all the finds have been analyzed and radiocarbon dates are available. We expect to complete the documentary by late 2009 for broadcast shortly thereafter. Stay tuned.

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