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WELCOME 2014! (where did 2013 go?)

This is the world's largest outdoor shaketable -- about to simulate a killer earthquake.

If 2013 was a bit of a blur, it was no doubt because we were so crazy-busy working on an episode for NOVA’s four part MAKING MORE STUFF series, the follow-up to the hugely successful MAKING STUFF series, hosted by the exuberant technology writer David Pogue.  Our show, MAKING STUFF SAFER explored all sorts of amazing inventions and innovations designed to make our lives safer –self-driving cars, cargo scanners that read cosmic rays, cornstarch-based fire-fighting gel, bomb-sniffing plants –and more.   Our heads are still spinning.   MAKING STUFF SAFER aired Nov. 6, 2013.  It’s available to watch online along with the series three other shows (which dealt with, respectively, making stuff faster, colder and wilder –as in, inspired by designs in nature.)   And as for our plans  for 2014 … the pot is bubbling.  Stay tuned.

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