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What have we been up to for most of the past two years?  We had the great privilege and delight to chronicle the debut season of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles (TCLA.)  The largest group of transgender and gender non-conforming people –anywhere in the world– who come together regularly to make music, TCLA was founded on the belief that  music is a powerful, universal medium—and one that can help change the way the world thinks and feels about the transgender community.

Titled OUT LOUD, our documentary charts the ups and downs of TCLA’s first year, and profiles the extraordinary individuals who make up its ranks.  We’re currently eye-balls deep into editing, and have started a campaign to raise finishing funds.  For more details, and to see our promo reel, check out our FB page at  And please donate if you can.


Gemini spent most of 2014 producing a companion documentary to Christopher Nolan’s space odyssey INTERSTELLAR. Our mission was to help viewers grasp the cutting edge science explored in the feature film, and we interviewed experts in astrophysics, planetary science, and cosmology. We also had the great privilege to work with the renowned theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, who served as an executive producer on the feature. A one-hour version of THE SCIENCE OF INTERSTELLAR was broadcast on the Discovery network in November 2014; a longer version will be packaged with the Blu-ray of INTERSTELLAR, due for release in March 2015.

WELCOME 2014! (where did 2013 go?)

This is the world's largest outdoor shaketable -- about to simulate a killer earthquake.

If 2013 was a bit of a blur, it was no doubt because we were so crazy-busy working on an episode for NOVA’s four part MAKING MORE STUFF series, the follow-up to the hugely successful MAKING STUFF series, hosted by the exuberant technology writer David Pogue.  Our show, MAKING STUFF SAFER explored all sorts of amazing inventions and innovations designed to make our lives safer –self-driving cars, cargo scanners that read cosmic rays, cornstarch-based fire-fighting gel, bomb-sniffing plants –and more.   Our heads are still spinning.   MAKING STUFF SAFER aired Nov. 6, 2013.  It’s available to watch online along with the series three other shows (which dealt with, respectively, making stuff faster, colder and wilder –as in, inspired by designs in nature.)   And as for our plans  for 2014 … the pot is bubbling.  Stay tuned.


We wrapped our Mars show last week, right after JPL’s recent teleconference on the rover Curiosity’s latest findings on the red planet –so we’re completely up to date for now!  Tune in to the NOVA science series for the premiere of ULTIMATE MARS CHALLENGE on PBS on Wed. Nov. 14, 2012, at 9 pm.   


Gemini had the great honor and incredible thrill of filming at JPL on the night of Curiosity’s picture perfect landing on Mars.  Not a glitch, not a stutter — it was poetry in motion, a hundred million miles away.  Gail posted a reflection on Inside NOVA — you can catch it at:


We’re delighted to report that we are producing a one-hour show on the Mars Science Laboratory mission for the PBS science series NOVA.  NASA’s spectacular new Mars rover, Curiosity, is currently en route for the red planet and scheduled to land on the night of August 5, 2012.  We’ve had the amazing thrill to spend time with some of the engineers and scientists responsible for getting this missi0n off the ground and on to Mars. 

That’s us standing beside Curiosity’s identical twin sister, who stays here on earth to help the mission team test scenarios and problem-solve.  Curiosity weighs about as much as a VW Beetle — but she’s vastly smarter, programmed to accomplish all sorts of complicated operations on her own.  She may write a whole new chapter in the saga of Mars exploration.

SECRETS OF STONENGE headed for Italy

SECRETS OF STONEHENGE has been selected to screen in competition on October 3, 2012 at the XXIII International Festival of Archaeological Film, in Rovereto,Italy.  Unfortunately, Gail and Jill will not be able to get away and enjoy la dolce vita at the festival –due to other commitments.   

STONEHENGE picked for Amiens Festival of Archaeological Films

The 11th Festival du film d’Archéologie d’Amiens, in northern France, has selected SECRETS OF STONEHENGE for its official slate of entries.  The festival will be held April 10-14, 2012, and will feature some 60 documentaries in competition for five top prizes.  STONEHENGE will screen on April 13, in a program titled “Journey through Prehistory.”  We’re honored & thrilled, bien sûr.

STONEHENGE wins award in Brussels

SECRETS OF STONEHENGE was selected by KINEON, the International Festival of Archaeological Film, held Nov. 4-6, 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.  Our show was screened to a full house at the beautiful Royal Museums of Art and History, and was honored with one of the 6 awards handed out:  Prize for the Popularization of Science.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


We’ve just learned that SECRETS OF STONEHENGE was honored at the Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival with two awards:  Best Narration and Best Cinematography.

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